Miniature Schnauzer.. what about this perfect, little known, handsome boy(girl)?

The Passion is the Engine of Life …

that is, to live without passion is a life not fully!

my passion is.. Animals, perhaps rooted in some chromosome genetically transmitted.

I love their company, but the thing that has always fascinated me is in fact, their ability to communicate without speaking.

observing how they interact, with each other, but also with different species, anyone could write entire encyclopedias ..

many are struggling to understand how I can spend so much time with them, the answer is simple: they do not speak, but they can understand and be understood, something that human beings have no more!

When i decided to be a breeder i trusted to breed two species: dogs and cats.. or better, little dogs and big cats! that is: mini schnauzers and Maine coons!

I had a lot of satisfaction from both because they have been able to be loved in their families, I am often contacted by their “friends” (I do not like to call them owners) they involv me in their exploits, the enthusiasm of my puppies’ friends  makes me say, presumptuously or wrongly, I have done a good job!
Piojo copyright Silvia Pampallona owner Maddalena Noseda
Piojo copyright Silvia Pampallona owner Maddalena Noseda

  The mini schnauzer or zwergschnauzer is a pushing dog, does not know his size, he trust to be the brother giant, is not a “first dog” in the sense that it would be better to have had at least one dog before deciding to take a miniature schnauzer .


not a dog “difficult”, he is a dog with a strong temperament, and if you did not give the rules within 6 months … takes over!

said that, for anyone who loves dogs, seems commonplace, however, we must remember that the schnauzer is not born as a companion dog, began as a  dog for herds, despite its size, and his breed has been used to defense, therefore, it is not .. I never tire of repeating, a “puppet dog”!

He loves walking, but does not mind the couch at home;

white as snow les amis du channel aka UMBA owner Maddalena Noseda
white as snow les amis du channel aka UMBA owner Maddalena Noseda

is a very active dog that is both energically that intellectually speaking, that is: she loves being involved in every action, movement, dare I say .. even thought ..

anyone has a mini schnauzer, or has had .. can not do without, because it is the shadow of his human friend, always among the foot, when sitting, getting ahead if a meter walk in, of course .. could be arrive “a dangerous criminal that threatens the life of his human companion” !!!

In Italy is almost unknown, in the USA you can find him everywhere .. you find schnauzers in any field where there is the presence of a dog, from pet therapy to the agility, the search of the rubble, in search of drugs .. and this is because , despite being a stubborn dog, that great big head it needs !!! It makes it work !! and he knows how to learn at any age!

All this is to say, to us who raise them … “who has had a schnauzer .. NOT CHANGE BREED” !!!!

do yourself a gift .. .. take a schnauzer will change your life, you will understand … Life!

by Acunamatana di Maddalena Noseda



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