it is time to … DEBUNKING A MYTH !!!!  italian version
Even today I read on the web the usual spiel about how “breeders” make profit, producing litters!
It is yet another joke !!!
As I said in another post, have a litter is not a walk!
Cost of each puppy is subject to several factors.
1) cost of the reproducers
2) conception, gestation
3) any problems in pregnancy or in early pregnancy
4) costs of routine veterinary
5) feeding costs
6) costs of health documents, passports, pedigrees
7) fees
surely, these costs, impact, little or nothing about who sells dogssuch as puppy mills; where dogs are left locked in tight enclosures, forced to give birth as the assembly line, where litters are, certainly, more than 2 times a year, where there is the slightest attention to the puppy’s welfare,  I mean, there is any slightest relationship with these dogs, so do not know the way they interact, are unknown behavior, they only know their ability to keep money!


  1) stud’s cost
impact when the stud dog is chosen outside the kennel. Obviously if I use my dog, I will not have this cost. However, sometimes you need to change bloodline, so as not to end up with a herd made up of brothers and sisters and so .. no breeding!
2) conception, gestation
follow a gestation means that we must give due attention to the breeding female;
It means that the subject must be subjected to health monitoring routine and wormed before be studded;
It means that, once established pregnancy, the female must make the right move, but can not and should not make more efforts (running like crazy, jumping .. etc.);

5ca23-i-sette-nani  3) any problems in pregnancy or in early pregnancy
actual veterinary costs, any ultrasound, rx, hoping that everything goes well .. that is, if you have to do a surgical operation, in order to prevent danger to the mother or the puppies, costs could increase;
4) veterinary costs of routine: every puppy should be microchipped, wormed, vaccinated .. on average cost is 100 euro each puppy;


  5) feeding costs: it means that the female since the 30th day of pregnancy, and until the end of nursing, must be fed with a feed of good quality for puppies; in this way the puppies, through breast milk, acquire the taste of the food you’re going to give them at weaning;
weaning puppy is a very delicate moment, and should be done with due care to avoid digestive problems the puppy, which has to be fed with the same feed until they go into the new family, who will continue with the same feed, until at least the age of 6/7 months. The cost of a good quality feed for puppies are available everywhere, and they obviously increases the cost of management;
6) costs of paperwork: means the costs of the microchip,  release pedigree by Italian LOI; these costs.. maybe, just maybe, costs that affect less.
7) Taxes … and yes … every puppy is born with about 27% of his income tax !!!


Dadina Vendetta for Campolmi
Dadina Vendetta for Campolmi

  as usual .. I forgot a cost !!! maybe because I’ve never calculated it!!! the time I spend to follow my puppies in growth, which is not only composed of change of toilet mats, cleanliness of the place where they grow (however, I should clean, it is my house !!!), observation of the puppies and verify their ability to interaction among them, with adults, with the people, and all the things that make me say, by those who have adopted them, “what an extraordinary puppy you gave me!”

after listing all of this … please .. tell me I’m fool to “lose” my time “doing litters” !!! but do not tell me that “i’m making profit on my dogs” !!!!

by Acunamatana di Maddalena Noseda



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